Tha Directory Program

You will pay $25 at check out and will be billed $25 for each months prior to the enital sign up.  Payment will be withdrawn from your account on the same day that you sign up.  So, if you pay on the 16th of the month then next month on the 16th another $25 installment will be deducted from your card.

Please email your logo, business information, address, website and contact informtion to  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to promoting your business! If you have any questions or conerns please contact the office at 210 906-THA1

Tha1 Website Directory

Tha1Radio website recieves an average of 1,000 hits per day.  Your business is listed under our directory in alphabetical order.  It includes your logo ad (logo, address, phone, website and service) and a link to your website or facebook.                                              

Tha1Radio FREE App Dirctory

Tha1 FREE app is located in your Google Play or iTunes market.  The directory listings are listed by business services.. ie (beauty salons, restaurants).  When you click on the name you will see your business logo, phones, address, website and any other additional information you would like to give.  It also allows comments and pictures from clients.

Tha1 On Lock Magazine and Directory

Tha1 OnLock Magazine and Directory is a printed magzine with featured artist, restaurants, things to do, community information and of course our business listings.  Your company will be listed under your service alon with your  phone, address, website and brief discription.  We will pass out a minimum of 500-750 once every 3 months at gas stations, stores, restaurants and events.

We want to thank you for joining our directory listings.  We work hard to keep the community (and beyond) informed about our businesses and events.  This program will allow your company to be seen by thousands of people each day at an affordable price.  NOW... all you have to do is fill out the information above and your listing will be added within 5 business days and a rep will contact you after your payment is processed.  If you have any questions please call 210 906-THA1

Directory Cycle:  In order to qualify for all listings you must sign up for our 3 month directory cycle at $25 a month.  This payment includes your monthly listing in our app and on the website and includes (1) printed listing in our On Lock Magazine.  You must be signed up at the beginning of each cycle in order to qualify for all listings.

You will be billed up $25.00 amonth the same day you sign up each month USD
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